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Paulhani Mata, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

PAULHANI MATA MANDIR is a temple located in Dainkund mount (2745 meters) in Dalhousie under District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. The holy trinity of Hindu mythology is worshiped in this temple. She is supposed to be an incarnation of Kali Mata and arose at the site from a stone.

The area is called Dian Kund, or Witch's Pond. It is believed that in old days there were witches living there who used to trouble the villagers. The pond is now supposed to be inside the Indian Air Force station which occupies the top of the mountain. Another 1 kilometers of breath taking trek on a plain track leads one to the Temple of Pahalani Devi. The split stone is still near the temple. She killed all the Witches and saved the villagers who since worship her. The weird and wonderful fact about this temple is that, except a trident nothing can be found in the temple premises. A unique characteristic of this temple is the absence of the image of any deity.
As one reaches the Paulhani Mata Mandir, the sight is truly intoxicating. On one hand is Pir Panjal Range, the great Mani Mahesh Kailash Mountain and on the other hand the mountains of Himachal tapering into the plains of Punjab. On a clear day one can see the rivers Ravi, Beas and Satluj flowing to Punjab from Dainkund. The temple is decrepit with local goddess Kali on the top of the peak.
Dian Kund is the most fascinating place in the entire area. About 6kms drive from Lakkad Mandi, Dalhousie one reaches an Indian Air Force Barrier, where the vehicles are parked. From there one treks uphill for 250 meters to reach a flat area known as Dian kund.
The amazing experience of a pliable trudge in a beautiful ambiance is quite spectacular, which provides an enthralling freshness to everyone. The sweet sound of the gentle breeze puffing through the trees makes a musical serenade and so Dainkund is popularly known as the singing hill.
Amazing sight of the stunning valley coupled with the glittering rivers flowing through the crisscross riverbeds, makes trekking to Dainkund a must experienced spectacle.

How to reach

Dalhousie by Air

Nearest airports are Pathankot which is about 80 km from Dalhousie and Jammu at a distance of 180 km from Dalhousie. Pathankot is connected to Delhi only, while Jammu has more frequent air services to Delhi and other destinations in North India. From Pathankot one has to take Taxi for Dalhousie.

Dalhousie by Train

Nearest railhead is Pathankot (PTK) about 80 km from Dalhousie and is well connected by rail to various cities in India.

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