Saturday, 25 February 2012

Geeta Gyan Yagya 11 to 17 February 2012

Swami Subodhanand ji, Acharya Chinmaya Mission, Sidhbari, H.P.
Chapter 12 'Bhakti Yoga' of Srimad Bhagwadgeeta
Venue: Saint Gadge Auditorium, Sangeet Natak Academy, Gomtinagar, Lucknow.

2 comments: said...

It was an amazing moment,a real guru ignited the desire to realize god has changed me which i can't describe in words.Today I can say"binu prabhu kripa milahi nahi sata".
I would love to meet n listen acharyaji again n again.
Hari om............

Vineet Tiwari said...

Thanks for your comment. Rightly said, as-
"बिनु सत्संग विवेक न होई
राम कृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई"
Yes, Gyan yagya was indeed very enlighting and the thrist for more remained even after it was over just because of beautiful rendition by Guru ji. me too looking forward to more such lecutures by his reverend self.