Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Maa Sankatha Devi, Raebareli

Maa Sankatha Devi temple situated on the banks of River Ganga in Geganso area which is south of Sareni area in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh.

The deity of Goddess Durga is famous as 16th out of 32 Shaktipeeth of Devi.

The area is believed to be place where Maharshi Garga performed penance and the place was known as Gargashram which is now being used by locals as geganso.

As per historians, Maharshi Punjraj baba got the idol excavated and performed praan pratishthha. The area is also known for association with Dronacharya & Ashwatathama of Mahabarata period. Pandavas are also believed to have done puja here in times of need. 
During Mughal period , Aurangzeb sent his army to destroy the temple but was sent back.

The temple is famous and the devotees visit in large numbers especially during the auspicious period of Navratras.

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