Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sandohan Devi, Lucknow

One of the most prominent centres of religious faith in Lucknow is Sandohan Devi Temple. As per legend, about 500 years ago, Maa appeared in dreams of a devotee and asked to find Idol in a well near Chaupatiyan. He saw the same dream during Navratri days.  At first, he thought it mere superstition. Anyhow he traced inside the well and found the idol.  A large number of devotees thronged the place to have a 'darshan'.  It was day of "Ekadashi".   The saint who founded the temple took 'samadhi' at this place.
Particularly on Ekadashi during Navratra, a number of devotees visit the temple to have 'Darshan'.  All the doubts (संदेह) of the devotee are removed by the Goddess and hence the temple was named Sandohan Devi. 

This is a very famous temple and newly wed brides and mothers make it a point to visit and seek blessings of the Maa.

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